Lily Allen Nipple Slip Video

Lilly Allen Nipple Slip Video

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Lily Allen is Britain’s latest chart-topper thanks to the success of her cocksure debut, Alright, Still. Released in July 2006, the album has claimed the No.2 spot on the UK charts.

Lily Allen Quote

“I’m just concentrating on making a good album and that’s the only thing I’m kind of concentraing on at the moment. I don’t really care what the press have to say.”


For those who consider sexiness to be a blonde with Barbie-like dimensions, Lily might not be your bag. But if you like a fiery, independent woman who’s bubbling over with equal parts sass and charm, then this lovely Londoner is most definitely your kind of gal.


Get used to hearing Lily Allen’s name. This comely Brit had a No.1 hit with “Smile,” a catchy tune that stayed at No. 1 on the UK singles chart for two weeks. Her debut album, Alright, Still, hit the top 10 in Ireland, Australia and the UK, where it debuted at No. 2. Lily’s greatest success, however, has come through, which featured her album in early 2006. Lily has over 63,000 friends on the popular community website and more than 1.5 million people have streamed her tunes.


Lily Rose Allen was born May 2, 1985, in London, England. The daughter of British comedian Keith Allen, she inherited both her father’s legendary sense of wit as well as his penchant for questioning authority. “I got expelled from various schools and was sent to boarding school as they thought it would be a restraining influence, but I ran away to Glastonbury and other places when I was 14,” she recalls. “I guess I knew from an early age that I could never do a job where I’d have to sit in an office all day long.”

Lily Allen Meets George Lamb

That certainty prompted Lily to quit school one year later at the age of 15. “I started to feel like I could have a voice,” she explains. “But I wanted to write about my own world in an entertaining way.”

Out of school and in need of work, Lily moved to Ibiza where she found employment in a local record store called Plastic Fantastic. It proved to be a fortuitous decision as it soon brought her into contact with George Lamb, an influential A&R man and the former manager of Audio Bullys. Impressed by her spunky attitude, as well as by some of the lyrics she had crafted, Lamb agreed to manage Lily’s fledging career. He also put her in touch with music producers Future Cat, who soon supplied her with some catchy backing tracks.



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